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AngelSystems.net Archiva v7.

AngelSystems.net Archiva v7. | 8 Mb

World's most powerful reference collection software with integrated thesis processing:

# Not just plain text anymore. ?? Archiva can save almost anything:

?? ?? ?? * Scientific Symbols
?? ?? ?? * Pictures
?? ?? ?? * Simple Tables
?? ?? ?? * Spreadsheets
Allallsoft Google Maps Downloader v6.697

Allallsoft Google Maps Downloader v6.697 | 3 Mb

Google Maps Downloader is a tool that help you to get small tile map images from Google Maps. All downloaded small images are saved on the disk. You can view downloaded maps by Map Viewer Or you can combine them into a big BMP map.
Nsasoft Hardware Software Inventory v1.2.2
Nsasoft Hardware Software Inventory v1.2.2 | 2.4 MB

Nsasoft Hardware Software Inventory ???? powerful software for home, office and corporate networks. The software scans all computers on the network and displays detailed information about computer hardware and software. This information is added to the centralized database, and then users can generate reports about each of the computers on the network.
4Easysoft PDF Joiner v3.0.12-Lz0

4Easysoft PDF Joiner v3.0.12-Lz0 | 2 Mb

As we know, most of PDF files are not editable. However, sometimes we may need to search much information among many PDF files. Suppose you found needed information, while you can not copy and paste the information together in a PDF file, what will you do? Here 4Easysoft Studio recommends you an easy-to-use PDF tool, 4Easysoft PDF Joiner, which can help you solve the problem easily. This PDF Joiner not only can help you join any selected PDF pages of multiple PDF files to a new one, but also enables you to arrange page ranges and page sorts at random to output PDF file. In addition, as a standalone desktop application, you need not to preinstall Adobe Reader or Acrobat. Plus, its language-supporting function is very powerful, therefore, you can read multi-language PDF files, including English, Turkish, Thai, Latin, Korean, Greek, Cyrillic, Arabic, Japanese, and Chinese.
Universal Viewer Pro
Universal Viewer Pro | 10.9 MB

Universal Viewer ???? a universal file viewer. Supports viewing multiple file types: text, binary, Unicode, RTF, image, multimedia, Internet documents, etc., with unlimited size ... In order to unlock the software for free use, open a dialog for entering a registration key, where the username is "Russian Register" (without the quotes), and as a key to enter the small Russian letters the current day of the week. In general, the program is similar to Total Commander Lister, but it has significant advantages over Lister.
Briz Software AutoSiteGallery v2.0

Briz Software AutoSiteGallery v2.0 | 1 Mb

AutoSiteGallery can automatically create high-quality thumbnails, decrease images and convert them to JPEG, generate the linked HTML pages for thumbnails and full-size images, etc. You can customize almost any options to have the thumbnails and HTML pages designed to your liking or use the default values and have a photo album created in just a few mouse clicks. If you know HTML, you may additionally edit the page template to customize the HTML pages in any way you like. To help organize and annotate the album, the program shows the thumbnails of all photos.
Briz Software Briz Video Joiner v2.0

Briz Software Briz Video Joiner v2.0 | 1 Mb

Briz Video Joiner is a powerful easy-to-use tool to join multiple video files into one larger file. Supported file formats: AVI, MPEG, WMV, RealVideo. MPEG and AVI files with identical parameters (such as frame size, frame rate) can be joined without recompression quickly and without quality loss.
PVS-Studio v4.56
PVS-Studio v4.56 | 18.8 MB

PVS-Studio ????? static analyzer that detects errors in the source code of applications written in C / C + + / C + +0 x. There are three sets of rules included in the PVS-Studio:
1.Diagnostika 64-bit errors (Viva64)
2.Diagnostika parallel errors (VivaMP)
3.Diagnostika general
For more details on each type of diagnosis can be found on the following pages. PVS-Studio tool is designed for developers of advanced applications and integrates into Visual Studio 2005/2008/2010. This provides a convenient user interface for analysis files, navigate through the code, get background information. Working with the analyzer does not require a preliminary study of the documentation and configuration. The analyzer is ready for use immediately after installation.
MSN Recorder Max v4.4.0.2
MSN Recorder Max v4.4.0.2 | 5.4 MB

Record your favorite videos from MSN or seize the conversation quickly and easily! All videos can be captured in real time during intercourse. Do I have to say that you can capture on the screen by simply clicking on the button quick recording MSN video. The saved video files are high quality and very small!
Universal Viewer Pro v6.4.5.0 Multilingual

Universal Viewer Pro v6.4.5.0 Multilingual | 11 Mb

Universal Viewer is an advanced file viewer with wide range of formats supported. Application is fully Unicode-compatible and can be integrated into Windows Explorer's context menu, so there is no problem to call it from anywhere in Explorer: right-click a file and select the "Universal Viewer" item. It can also be integrated into other popular file managers. Generally, Universal Viewer is an application similar to Total Commander Lister.