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Final Cut Pro X 10.0.8 MacOSX
[b]Apple Final Cut Pro X v10.0.8 Mac OSX | 1.67 Gb/b]

Description : Completely redesigned from the ground up, Final Cut Pro adds extraordinary speed, quality, and flexibility to every part of the post-production workflow.
CorelDRAW Graphics Suite X6 SP3 + Content Pack
CorelDRAW Graphics Suite X6 SP3
Graphics | Original Install File + Update | OS: Windows XP/Vista/7/8 (x64x86) | 7.14 GB
Languages: English, French, Spanish, Portuguese (BR) | Content Pack

Whether youre an aspiring artist or an experienced designer, CorelDRAW Graphics Suite X6 is your trusted graphic design software solution. With its content-rich environment and professional graphic design, photo-editing and website design software, you have everything you need to express your style and creativity with endless possibilities.
Drivers Pack 2009 For MAC OS X
Drivers Pack 2009 For MAC OS X | 1.55 GB

Description: Versatile collection of drivers for all devices pc. I remind you that the drivers of this pack you install at your own risk. Nobody, bear no responsibility for it will not be.
Extras. Information: For some files in the folder Kernels requires that the system has enabled visibility of hidden files. - Mixing a Short Film with Logic Pro

Mixing a Short Film with Logic Pro | 3.36 GB

In this course, explore a powerful round-trip workflow between Logic Pro and Final Cut Pro that helps sound editors to quickly mix dialogue, sound effects, and music for film. Author Scott Hirsch frames the lessons in a way that appeals to filmmakers of all levels, as well as professional and amateur audio mixers. He starts with exporting your tracks from Final Cut Pro and taking advantage of the film and video templates in Logic Pro, which makes project setup a snap. Then discover how to consolidate and edit dialog, fix noise problems and background hum, and add special effects. Finally, explore how to use automation and EQ to enhance and match your final tracks to the picture.
Principles of motion. Mastering the art of animation (P.O.M.) [2008]
Principles of motion. Mastering the art of animation (P.O.M.) | 54.17 GB

A set of 10 dvd-images that contain libraries of movements of people.
Video recorded with one or more cameras, with a superimposed grid with ottrechennymi limb movements, and to speed up slow speed.
Must have for every animator. : Photoshop CS6 One-on-One: Mastery

Photoshop CS6 One-on-One: Mastery | 7.05 GB

Join industry expert and award-winning author Deke McClelland in the fourth and final installment of his popular Photoshop CS6 One-on-One series. In this course, Deke puts his own spin on the most powerful features in Adobe Photoshop, including the Art filters, which enable you to transform an image into a digital painting, and Photomerge, which can stitch together multiple photos into a single panorama. Plus, dive into the extended features like 3D lighting effects, the Puppet Warp and animation toolset, high dynamic range (HDR) imaging, video editing, automated adjustments with actions, and much more.
Bert Monroy: Dreamscapes Volume 2

Bert Monroy: Dreamscapes Volume 2 | 2.83 GB

Learn how to create artwork with Adobe Photoshopno fine art skill requiredand turn the ordinary into extraordinary. Author and illustrator Bert Monroy takes an unexciting photo and transforms it into an amazing dream sequence by combining it with other photos and techniques. This installment shows you how to fill your scenes with imaginary creatures, stormy weather, ancient ruins, and more. His process touches on compositing, digital painting, masking, and other key image editing techniques. All you need is Photoshop, some images that could use a boost, and your imagination! - Wedding Photography for Everyone: Bridal Portraits

Wedding Photography for Everyone: Bridal Portraits | 1.12 GB

Learn to capture the personality of a bride and the energy and emotion of the moment during a wedding photography session. In this course, photographer, teacher, and author Chris Orwig shares his creative insights for shooting authentic and beautiful bridal portraits. The course begins with details on preparation: talking with the bride about her desires for the portrait, and scouting the location to find the best places to shoot. Next, Chris photographs a bride, illustrating techniques for lighting and employing props to help relax the subject and add fun and energy to the photograph. The course concludes with a review of the photos and some ideas for further inspiration.
Kelby Training :  Simple Lighting Techniques for Photographers by Tony Corbell
Kelby Training : Simple Lighting Techniques for Photographers by Tony Corbell
English | Duration: 1h 06m | H264 | 1280x720 | 29.97fps 1903kbps | AAC 44.1KHz | 898MB
Genre: eLearning

Master the pro techniques for producing creative and simple lighting solutions with award-winning portrait photographer Tony Corbell. Capturing great portraits is all about understanding how to manipulate the quality, quantity, and direction of light. Learn how the pros use a variety of light shaping tools to create fantastic portraits every time, and in any kind of situation.
Kelby Training : Advanced Lighting for Food Photography by Joe Glyda
Kelby Training : Advanced Lighting for Food Photography by Joe Glyda
English | Duration: 1h 32m | H264 | 1280x720 | 29.97fps 1856kbps | AAC 44.1KHz | 1.2GB
Genre: eLearning

Food photographer Joe Glyda is back in the kitchen. In his second course, Joe is teaching some advanced lighting setups and working with his food stylist to create melted cheeses, grilled meats, crisp vegetables, and colorful fruit salad. Joe talks about the relationship between photographer and food stylist and the importance of using dummy food before shooting the final product.